Quinoa Upma with Curry Nuggets


12oz       Quinoa
32oz       Water  
2oz         EVOO   
1oz         Cumin  
1oz         Black Mustard Seeds     
6 oz        Onion, diced
1 oz        Curry Leaves     
1oz         Ginger, grated  
2oz         Serrano               
24oz       Hodo Curry Nuggets      
16oz       Edamame           
16oz       Grape Tomatoes             
1.5oz     Kosher Salt        
2oz         Cilantro, chopped

1. Rinse quinoa.  Drain.
2. Heat oil, add mustard, then cumin.  Wait till spices pop.  Add curry leaves
3. Add onions, ginger and chili saute till onion is translucent, add salt.4.  Add drained quinoa, sauté.  Add water, bring to boil.Cover, then simmer on low 20 minutes.  Fluff.
5. Add Hodo tofu nuggets, edamame and tomatoes.  Toss.  Garnish with cilantro and nuts.

Serves: 10

Credits: Flavor Explosions

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