“Bean to Block (and Beyond)”

Hodo means ‘good bean’ in Chinese and this is the philosophy behind everything we do. Beans are seeds and they form the foundation for everything we (make and) grow.

At Hodo, we believe that by using ‘good beans’ we will make good products and when our company acts as a ‘good bean’ we grow good communities and attract good people. We’ve found this to be true: our customers become our investors, our employees go the extra mile for the company, and our suppliers become real partners.

At Hodo everything starts with the ‘good bean’

The actual soybeans that form the foundation for all of our products are selected with great care and consciousness. We use only whole, certified organic, non-GMO beans, all-US grown from farmer’s cooperatives Midwest Organic Farmers Cooperative and Everbest Organics.

Tofu Master, Minh Tsai selects the soybean variety with the exact protein and fat content needed to create the rich and creamy flavor profile that Hodo is known for. He then personally trains every person working on the Beanery floor to become an artisan able to hand-craft our products to his exacting standards.