An Oakland Entrepreneur Is Reinventing Tofu for the Masses

February 29th, 2016
Minh Tsai is on a mission to make you think differently about tofu.
“[Tofu nuggets are] an innovative gateway,” he says of the wrinkly blobs of fried and braised tofu that are made one story below where he sits. “We want to have as many gateways as possible to get people to think about tofu as an ingredient.”
From the beginning, Tsai knew that flavor and provenance would have to be his product’s hallmarks—he wanted to make tofu good enough to eat on its own.
Hodo is uniquely poised to become synonymous with tofu quality ….

SF Magazine

The Trendiest Tofu

December 9th, 2015

“[Tsai] is committed to cultivating and crafting his foodstuffs naturally in the service of yielding a better-tasting product….Hodo’s quality-first credo is what draws chefs like Headley [Brooks Headley of Superiority Burger] to its products…. In the kitchen, Hodo goods are rolled into the signature brown rice-tofu-cabbage wrap, add substance to the sloppy joes and get sandwiched into the cheesesteak-inspired Yuba Philadelphia special. “We use it exclusively,” he says….“It’s also delicious right out of the package, even without salt. That’s crazy. That’s insane actually. Any additional seasoning you do just makes it better.”

The New York Times

36 Hours in Oakland, California

December 3rd, 2015

# 8. ­Something Unexpected, 3 p.m.
On a West Oakland sidestreet with graffiti and industrial lots, the sophisticated Korean restaurant FuseBox …The beans used in the house tofu come from the nearby Hodo Soy Beanery.

The New York Times