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“In the kitchen [of Brooks Headley’s Superiority Burger] . . . “We use it exclusively,” he says. ….“It’s also delicious right out of the package, even without salt. That’s crazy. That’s insane actually. Any additional seasoning you do add just makes it better.”   Full article

“From the beginning, Tsai knew that flavor and provenance would have to be his product’s hallmarks . . . Hodo is uniquely poised to become synonymous with tofu quality: it’s still small enough to be considered an artisanal company, but it’s large enough that countrywide distribution is a realistic goal.” Full article

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“I returned to see [Minh] Tsai in the hope that he could steer me toward some techniques that don’t require decades of training in Japanese cooking.” – Daniel Patterson.  Full article

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“Compared to processed tofu, the artisanal kind [Hodo] has an entirely different flavor” Full article

“It was [Yuba], those mild, parchment-thin, soft ribbons of protein with their chewy snap that kept me coming back.”  Full article

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“[Yuba] is a product I tried for the first time five years ago . . . It’s something I have dreamed about ever since.”  Full article

“It tastes better than 99% of the tofu products you’ll find in the grocery store . . .”  Full article

“Minh Tsai, founder of Hodo Soy of Oakland, now the fastest-growing organic-tofu company in the country, also took a slow route. Mr. Tsai, who has landed contracts with Costco, Whole Foods and Chipotle over the 10 years his company has been in business, only began distributing outside the West Coast this year. He says the company needed to find an organic way to extend shelf life—it now uses a special pasteurization process—and ensure it could produce enough volume before talking to national distributors.” Full article

SacramentoBee The Kunishi family still own their south Sacramento facility and will be the landlords for Hodo Soy Beanery…“We see ourselves as a next-generation producer,” said Tsai. “Alvin and Dorothy and their parents are essentially the first wave. Our process is not dissimilar, but we just remove some of the heavy lifting that Alvin (endured). We love their story and the legacy they left behind.” Full Article

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“How did we get to this place? How did tofu—which, at its best and freshest, is sweet and nutty, fragrant and earthy, creamy or silky or springy or jiggly—come to be this way? And why do so few U.S. consumers experience it in its best state?” Full Article

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“When I tell people I’m meeting for the first time that I make tofu for a living, they are amazed and intrigued. . . .The conversation generally ends with the question, “If I can’t find your products, how do I find good tofu?”” Full Article

“. . . a few years ago, I tried Hodo Soy. Gamechanger. For the first time in my life, I actually crave tofu. . . . It’s nutty and mild with a firm—never spongy—consistency. . . . [Hodo} quickly developed a cult following, as chefs like Corey Lee, Masa Takayama, Kim Alter, Brooks Headley, and Brandon Jew came to appreciate Tsai’s fanatical attention to flavor.”  Full Article

Sometimes you need a ready-made meal. Skip the weird tofurky and go for a classic: the Sichuan dish mapo tofu, made by the tofu kings at Hodo with shiitake mushrooms subbing in for the pork. Full Article

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. . . two accomplished and widely lauded chefs engaged in an intense Tofu Battle. Between them, they produced 10 impressive dishes that showed the heights tofu is capable of reaching . . . a creamy tofu budino misted with white truffle vinegar; salt cod and potato brandade topped with tofu, smoked pork and carrot romesco; and a silken chocolate soy milk ganache, with burnt miso caramel, orange slices and a crunchy brittle of cocoa nibs and toasted okara (tofu pulp). Full Article


“If they’re not already a tofu eater, and they discover Hodo, they’ll be even more surprised and start eating more tofu” – Hodo Founder Minh Tsai  Video


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