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Grilled Rosemary-Garlic Yuba “Chicken”

Like many great inventions, we discovered making this all-natural, pure plant-based faux-meat by accident.  As you know, we make Yuba sheets.   To preserve its freshness, we pass the Yuba through a gentle pasteurization step.  One day, we over pasteurized … Continue reading

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Yuba Holiday Roast

Here’s the recipe to make your own holiday roast.    You can pretty much use any combination of herbs you like.  It’s important to use fresh yuba and also to tie very tightly so the roast adheres together! 6 packs 5-oz … Continue reading

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Angel Hair Yuba with Nettle Pesto

Yuba makes for the perfect gluten-free, high protein “fresh pasta”.  We made little bites of the nettle yuba pasta for our Tofu Disruption reception.  The robust, almost meaty flavor of the nettle complements the nuttiness and chewiness of the yuba … Continue reading

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