Holiday 2014

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Impress your guests around the holiday table with the all vegan and delicious Hodo Yuba Roast. Our organic Yuba Roast is a loaf of dense layers of yuba infused with classic holiday flavors — thyme, rosemary, bay and mushrooms.  The Yuba Roast makes a beautiful main for the holiday table and will delight both your plant-eating and turkey-lover guests. Yuba is the skin that forms on the surface of heated soymilk which we hand-harvest, one sheet at a time.  Next we braise the yuba in a light tamari broth infused with traditional holiday herbs and spices, then tightly wrap the yuba in a cheesecloth to form a loaf.  We then steam the yuba loaf for over an hour, then air dry overnight. 
Our Yuba Roast is ready-to-eat and can be carved to make a wonderful holiday-meal entree, or a tasty side-dish. The Hodo Yuba Roast is all vegan, gluten-free and organic, and is made from whole non-GMO soybeans.

Price: $40 excluding shipping (2 lbs, serves 8-10).


PRE-ORDER Now!    You can pre-order your Yuba Roast in person or order online.   See options below.

1) SF Ferry Building Farmers Market on Saturdays – at the Hodo Soy stand (we are at the back market facing the Bay Bridge). Order and prepay by Saturday 11/15 for pick-up at same location on Saturday 11/22.
2) Palo Alto Farmers Market on Sundays – at the Hodo Soy stand. Order by Sunday 11/16 for pick-up at same location on Sunday 11/23.
** Price: $40 per Yuba Roast,  No S&H.

1) For Bay Area delivery and pick-ups, Saturday 11/22 through Wednesday 11/26, go to Good Eggs which free delivery for orders over $30 at select delivery windows (which means the Yuba Roast automatically qualifies for their free delivery service!)  or you can pick up from many of their pick up locations .
- go to
- Select your delivery or pick-up zone
- Yuba Roast only available for Friday 11/21 through Wednesday 11/26
- Add Yuba Roast to cart, and check out.
** Price: $40 per Yuba Roast excluding delivery fees, if applicable.
Order Now for Bay Area Delivery.

2) For pick-up at Hodo Soy Beanery in West Oakland.  Our Beanery will be opened for special pick-ups for the holiday season: Friday 11/21 through Wednesday 11/26 from 8:30-5:30pm (closed weekends, and we will be closing early on the 26th at 3pm).  Please call us at 5104642977 X 103 to order.   You must pre-order by Wednesday 11/19.
** Price: $40 per Yuba Roast,  No S&H.

1) Order online at the Hodo Soy store for delivery to most places nationwide.
- Order by Wednesday 11/19, and specify day of delivery
** Price: $90 per Yuba Roast including next day USPS delivery to most places in the United States.  Signature waiver required.

Happy Thanksgiving!  

1. Weight is 2lbs / 32 oz.  Makes Eight (8) 4-oz servings
2. Fully cooked, ready to eat
3. Serve at room temp or reheat if preferred
4. To reheat – steam for 15 mins, or brush with olive oil, cover with foil and bake at 350F for 25 mins, or until internal temperature reaches 165F.  Microwavable.
5. Serve with cranberry sauce and stuffing on the side.
6. Use by: 3 weeks unopened, or use within 3 days after opening
7. Freezable: yes