Braised Tofu

Extra firm tofu is braised in a light Chinese five-spice and tamari sauce that imparts a lovely fragrance and rich flavor. There are infinite possibilities when you start with tofu that is so flavorful, creamy, and nutritious. From stir-fries to sandwiches and from omelets to stews our Braised Tofu is the perfect Hodo product to always keep on hand.

Tofu Puffs

We flash fried cubes of our signature firm tofu to create a delicious tofu with a unique texture. Great in soups, braises, curries and stir frys, tofu puffs are tasty and easy to use. Hodo tofu puffs are available to our Wholesale accounts only.

Tofu Burgers

Our burger patties are with our signature firm tofu and yuba, fresh vegetables, and a splash of our own soymilk. We form them into patties and flash fry them in safflower oil. They are ready to be quickly cooked up (on the grill or stove) and tucked into a bun with fresh toppings. Hodo Tofu Burgers are only available through our Farmers Market stands.