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Braised Tofu

Hodo_Braised_TofuTo make our tasty Braised Tofu, we poach Hodo Firm Tofu in a light Chinese Five-Spice blend and caramel sauce that infuses our tofu with a lovely fragrance and deep, rich flavor. Braised Tofu has a smooth texture, and gives a slightly springy mouth-feel. Savory, briny, and contrasted with a smoky sweetness, Braised Tofu can be sliced or cubed to make for a delicious mainstay of a sandwich, or cut into thin juliennes as a protein addition to a salad or stir-fry.

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Tofu Veggie Burger

Hodo Tofu Burgers are flavorful, juicy and ‘meaty’ tofu patties studded with a mirepoix of carrots, onions and cabbage. Unlike most other veggie burgers, ours is free of soy protein isolates and fillers- we simply use our whole bean, organic, non-GMO tofu as a base. Wholesome, and awesome, these fully-cooked hearty vegan burgers will tempt even the most serious of carnivores.

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Tofu Puffs

We twice fry our signature firm tofu to create a delicious tofu puffs that has a unique chewy, meat-like texture and a great canvas for flavors. Great in soups, braises, curries and stir frys, tofu puffs are tasty and easy to use. Hodo tofu puffs are available to our Wholesale accounts only.

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