We make our artisanal tofu the traditional way, using a rich and creamy, higher protein soymilk.   As a result, our tofu has more complexity and depth of flavor with a freshness you can taste.   Hodo offers our tofu for both retail and food service.

Firm Tofu

Our firm tofu proves that not all tofu is alike. Its buttery smooth texture, with the perfect tactile give, works well with different cooking methods and cuisines — you can slice, cube or crumble Hodo Firm Tofu into salads, stir-frys, and stews, or marinate for the grill. When deep fried, it takes on a “meaty” texture.   Our Firm Tofu has 50% more protein than the average competitive tofu in the marketplace.

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Braised Tofu

To make our tasty Braised Tofu, we poach Hodo Firm Tofu in a light Chinese Five-Spice blend and caramel sauce that infuses our tofu with a lovely fragrance and deep, rich flavor. Braised Tofu has a smooth texture, and gives a slightly springy mouth-feel. Savory, briny, and contrasted with a smoky sweetness, Braised Tofu can be sliced or cubed to make for a delicious mainstay of a sandwich, or cut into thin juliennes as a protein addition to a salad or stir-fry.

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Tofu Puffs

We twice fry our signature firm tofu to create a delicious tofu puffs that has a unique chewy, meat-like texture and a great canvas for flavors. Great in soups, braises, curries and stir frys, tofu puffs are tasty and easy to use. Hodo tofu puffs are available to our Wholesale accounts only.

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Our blocks of tender medium tofu are made fresh daily in small batches. They are cloud-like and ethereal in texture, while still keeping their shape when added to stir-fries or grilled. It’s also a favorite scrambled or eaten simply with a simple sauce. Our medium tofu is available to wholesale accounts in the Bay Area only.

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Tofu Nuggets and Other Ready-to-Eat Tofu Dishes

We also offer convenient, ready-to-eat tofu dishes such as our Five Spice Tofu Nuggets, Sichuan Mapo Tofu and our wholesome Tofu Burgers.  Click here to learn about our Ready-to-Eat Tofu line

Soy Milk

Hodo_Soy_MilkEverything that we make starts with our fresh soymilk. This is as simple as it gets; made from 2 ingredients — soybeans and water. Good soybeans make good milk and we make our milk from the finest organic, non-GMO whole beans. Made the traditional way, our soymilk is creamy, rich with a nutty aroma and fresh taste.

Hodo soymilk is available Wholesale in the Bay Area only.  For consumers, our milk is available at select grocery stores, at our Farmers’ Mkt Stands or through Good Eggs.

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