Hodo Soy hosts monthly events, ranging from tofu-making classes to lectures, food booths, dinner pop-ups and demos on tofu applications.  All events will be announced here.

Tastings Demos

Hodo also regularly provides taste samplings of our products at your local grocery stores and Costco.   Come for a taste and learn ways to cook with tofu.  Here’s our schedule of upcoming tasting demos:


Tour the Hodo Soy Beanery

NEWS (7/8/16)  We are happy to announce that Beanery Tours to the public are resuming in August!  We welcome visitors to come watch Hodo Soy’s artisans at work and to taste their creations fresh off the line as we share the art of making tofu.  Public tours are held at our Adeline location in Oakland, CA mornings of the first Friday of every month and tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.  Please sign up for our newsletter for all Hodo Soy goings-on.  Please contact for more information.

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