Changing the way we experience tofu.

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Why – only now – are many food lovers and chefs are beginning to experience delicious tofu?
How is tofu disrupting top chefs’ artistic palettes?
Learn more: Tofu Disrupt and its mission

Chefs are changing up the tofu experience in America with us! Delicious and thought-provoking. Thank you to our Chefs of #TofuDisrupt NYC 2016. You crafted a stunning lineup of tofu-inspired dishes: Nick Pfannerstill of Dovetail, Kim Alter of upcoming Nightbird, Lien Lin of Bricolage, Michael Recchiuti of Recchiuti Confections, Chris Cheung of East Wind Snack Shop, Jansen Chan of The International Culinary Center.

Tofu Disrupt NYC Collage Food

The dishes of Tofu Disrupt NYC 2016.


Featured Chefs:

Chef Nick Pfannerstill Chef Kim Alter Chef Chris Cheung
Dovetail NYC nightbird eastwind
Chef Lien Lin Chef Michael Recchiuti Chef Jansen Chan
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Panel Moderator: Darra Goldstein, founding editor of Gastronomica
Minh Tsai, Founder of Hodo Soy
Kim Alter, Nightbird
James Dodge, Director of Specialty Culinary Programs, Bon Appetit Management Company

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