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A great recap of our first Tofu Disrupt:

The founder of Oakland’s Hodo Soy Beanery, Minh Tsai brought together a group of the Bay Area’s top chefs and food writers last week at the San Francisco Cooking School to ponder and taste tofu 2.0 — the next iteration of thinking and cooking with the much maligned soybean product… Read more here from Carolyn Jung.

Chefs Preparing for #TofuDisrupt Dinner & Discussion at San Francisco Cooking School

Tofu Disrupt Collage

Thank you for #TofuDisrupt – ing, dear chefs. Our gratitude to Chef Kim Alter for bringing together incredible chefs and their dishes: Brandon Jew, Johnny Madriaga, Omri Aflalo, and Bill Corbett. Great taking back tofu with Google’s Olivia Wu, Tara Duggan, Chef Kim Alter and tofumaster, Minh Tsai. So nice to have you, Danny Bowien, Ron Pei & Robin Song.

Hodo Soy Beanery Tour in Oakland, California

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Our first #TofuDisrupt began with a tour of the Beanery. Minh talked about the technical aspects of tofu production as an art and science. Chefs saw up close how yuba, okara, soymilk, soft tofu and firm tofu is made at Hodo Soy Beanery. Kim Alter, Ron Pei, Brandon Jew, Danny Bowien, San Francisco Magazine’s Rebecca Flint-Marx joined us.


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