Our next Tofu Disrupt is Monday, February 5 at JCCSF
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Tofu Disrupt is changing the way we experience tofu.

It is what happens when chefs rediscover/reexamine an ingredient. We cook with and share knowledge about something largely unknown in the United States: artisanal, tasty tofu, yuba, and soy milk.

Tofu Disrupt gathers together chefs to experience innovation with this amazing ingredient — prized for centuries around the world and sought for its aroma, flavor and textural versatility. We discuss and experiment with tofu’s flavors, textures, science and creative culinary potential.

See recap from past events:

We ask:
– What is tofu in America?
– Why is tofu thought of only as a meat substitute?
– What is good tofu? What are the tasting notes for delicious tofu?
– How is tofu disrupting chefs’ artistic palettes?

In just ten years, Hodo’s tofu, yuba and soy milk have become de rigueur on the menus of San Francisco’s most-watched restaurants. We have redefined tofu as a delicious, complex, cuisine-expanding ingredient and reacquainted chefs with tofu that is deeply traditional, expertly crafted, and innovative.  With Tofu Disrupt, Hodo seeks to change the course of tofu in American cuisines across the country.

NY Times “The Trendiest Tofu”
SF Magazine – “Hodo is uniquely poised to be synonymous with tofu quality”
Restaurants working with Hodo