Tofu Puffs Ramen

Hodo Tofu Puffs soaked in miso broth with ramen.

tofu puffs ramen

1 quart dashi (kombu soaked in water)
2 Tablespoons red miso
2 servings ramen
2 cups Hodo Tofu Puffs
1 head Little Gem lettuce

1. Bring a pot of water to boil, then drop in ramen.  When just tender, remove ramen and shock in a bowl of cold water.  Drain.  Set aside.
2. Make miso soup by dissolving miso paste in dashi.  Bring to boil, add tofu puffs and simmer for a five minutes until tender and soft.  Add lettuce and simmer until tender.
3. Plunge ramen into soup to reheat and immediately serve.

Serves: 2



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