Why is Hodo tofu different?

We start with select, organic soybeans that meet our protein and fat requirements that we reconstitute and grind to an puree with optimum thickness using a very fine stone grinder.  The puree is then simmered, then pressed to extract the “bean juice”.  This juice or soymilk is the base ingredient in all of Hodo’s products.  At Hodo, we practice double extraction — using subsequent extraction liquids as a stock during the simmering step to maximize the protein yield.

To make tofu, calcium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral, is used to coagulate the soymilk.  We prefer using calcium sulfate as it yields a clean tasting tofu.  We meticulously manage our protein salt to soymilk concentration to ensure we get the best mouthfeel and taste in our tofu.  We then break the coagulated soymilk into curds to release whey and deposit the curds into cheesecloth-lined moulds which we then hand-wrap and press.

Due to our artisanal yet scientific process, Hodo tofu, has on average 50% more protein than other tofu in the market.  This higher protein yields a tactile tofu that is easy to handle, requires next to no draining, and provides a good mouthfeel, taste and texture.

Hodo is the only producer in the country that offers fresh, organic  yuba.  To make yuba, we simmer our soymilk, so that the fats and protein rise to the top and form a paper-thin sheet; this sheet is lifted off the surface of the warm milk by hand and dripped-dry.  It is a delectable ingredient – sweet, nutty and satistfying, and nutrient-dense.

Our  tofu, and yuba are delicious on their own or used in our selection of unique ready-to-eat products.

All our soybeans and coagulant are USA-origins.  We are a HACCP-certified facility, and all our products are certified organic by CCOF.  We are also certified kosher by OU.  Hodo is in the process of getting our Non-GMO Project Verification.